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Spigot Bearings

All about the use and service of a spigot bearing in a Toyota A series engine.


A spigot bearing is a bearing that fits into the end of the crankshaft and locates the end of a gearbox shaft, this is to stop flex in the shaft thus keeping everything aligned.


All 4AGE engines in a east-west setup have no installed spigot bearing, such as all front wheel drive installations and rear engined installations, these engine have gearboxes that are designed to not need one. However when any 4A engine is converted to a front engine rear wheel drive installation a spigot bearing is needed to be installed, there is a machined recess in all 4A cranks for this so its just a matter of purchasing the bearing and installing it.

Purchasing and type

By far the cheapest option is to go to a bearing supplier and ask for a “6001-RS or 6001-2RS bearing”. Also make sure it is not a Chinese made bearing. NSK and Nachi are some of the best in the business.

Removal of an existing bearing

There are a few tricks in the removal of the original bearing but the most common method is to find a piece of rod that fits into the spot hole very tightly (a half inch socket drive extension that has been cut off often fits), then pack with grease or paper mache, insert rod and hit with a hammer and repeat till it moves. The theory being that the force of the grease/paper pushes the bearing out. Special bearing pullers are available but they are expensive.

Installation of a new bearing

Under no circumstances should a new bearing be pushed in from the center, it must only be done from the outer shell. An easy option to use a socket that has the same outside diameter as the bearing, place it over the bearing and then gently tap it into place.


4AGE compatible spigot bearings are now available for sale though this site. Please see here for further details.

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