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20v 4age – Distributor cap relocation kit


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20v 4age – Distributor cap relocation kit

Often the final hurdle in many 20V rear wheel drive installations is the ignition system. With the exception of some vintage or kit cars there is nowhere near enough space at the back of the engine bay to fit the original 20V distributor cap and leads. Many modifiers fit multiple ignition coils to negate the need for the distributor cap. However this is only a reliable option with aftermarket/standalone ECU. Running Toyota or Honda coils from the original ECU is highly prone to coil failure from overheating and misfires.  The other practical option is to relocate the distributor cap and rotor button to the front of the engine – this is ideal for those who wish to have the economy of keeping the original ECU.

There are some kits available from other tuning companies; however they usually carry a high price and don’t sell directly to the public, also that’s if they even speak English. Also quite disturbingly the first two versions of the most well known Japanese kit used is known to destroy itself from normal use due to a design flaw.  Why import something that comes with no instructions, no backup and no warranty for a large sum of money?

About this kit

The product featured here is a fraction of the price of every other kit available, is very easy to install, works on all 20V models, requires minimal tools, has a warranty and comes with real support if needed. Requires no customisation to the cylinder head but only works on the original exhaust cam belt pulley, not adjustable types.

Comes with main bracket, center shaft, locator and all of the fasteners required for the install.

Easy to follow install instructions are given on purchase.


Like all of our products this kit has been improved with each batch. The current version is the V6 which is CNC machined out of a single aluminium block which results in both a high rigidity and light weight. Due to a being redundant there is no central locating bearing or any form of adjustment. Just bolt this on and it works.

Of note even though we are up to the sixth revision it is the result of a desire to continually improve the product, all of the earlier kits right from the V1 model work just as reliably as the current revision.

Optional extras

This kit works by moving only the distributor cap and rotor button to the front of the engine, the distributor base is left in place. This method has many advantages in terms of function, packaging and in regard to wiring. However the original distributor base needs to be covered, and hence the option for the distributor blanking cover.

As for the ignition leads all bar the longest lead can be reused. A single custom lead is offered that is 50mm longer to reach the fourth cylinder. It is of a look and construction that is very similar to the genuine leads and will not look out of place. This option isn’t required by those who have aftermarket leads that happen to be long enough to reach.

Additional information

– When using this kit the original plastic timing belt cover can re-fitted if it is modified to suit. To do so a matching hole needs to be cut out of the cover. This can be seen in some of the photos such as ones shown with the engine bay that has been painted in red. This engine has also had four small slots cut in the top cover for the leads to enter.

– The earlier versions of these kits require a different install procedure, if one of these is purchased second hand then feel free to contact us for the relevant information.

Additional information

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