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Fuel injector seal kit – Side feed type – set of 4


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Fuel injector seal kit- Side feed type – set of 4


Fuel injector seal kit – Side feed type – set of 4


Supplied is the seal kits for x4 side feed injectors

Due to their rubber construction injector seals are over time prone to perish and possibly end up leaking. On side feed injectors a damaged lower seal this result in fuel bypassing the injector itself and go straight into the port. Alternatively the top seal is the only barrier between the fuel feed and externally to the top of the intake manifold, which will at worst cause an engine bay fire.


These seals are not included as part of any Gasket and seal kit and therefore must be purchased separately.



The price as advertised is for a kit to service a set of x4 injectors. Each kit contains the following:

– Vibration dampeners x 8

– Top seals x 4

– Bottom seals x 4



– 4age 20V


– 1JZ / 2JZ (x2 sets required)

– 1RZ / 2RZ (x2 sets required)



– Before reinstalling the injectors the O-rings should have some oil (any kind) or grease wiped over them. Failure to do so might cause the rubber to grab and twist during fitment which can result in seal damage.

– It’s also suggested if it has never been done before to get the injectors cleaned and tested before re-installing.

– The top and bottom seals are fitted to either side of the mesh covered fuel inlet in the middle and one each of the small O-rings are placed on the injector ends to act as a physical vibration dampener.

Additional information

Weight0.02 kg
Dimensions5 × 5 × 1 cm


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