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Throttle linkage kits to suit 4age 20V throttles


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Throttle linkage kits to suit 4age 20V throttles

These kits replace the original 4age 20V top linkage system and in it’s place has the throttle cable directly actuate the opening of the throttle bodies from the underside. For those that use 4age 16V engines converted to quad throttles this gives a significant improvement in the throttle feel due to the throttle cable path.

Two different kits are available, please read below on which type is suitable and select from the drop-down box to purchase.

Features and advantages

– Throttle cable routing: These kits on offer relocate the throttle cable to the middle of the 2nd and 3rd throttles from the bottom up. This helps to hide and remove any harsh bends in the throttle cable.

– Throttle cable angle: Both of the throttle cable brackets hold the cable on an angle away from the throttle bodys faces, this gives enough clearance to run a large airbox if required.

– Actuation: With the removal of the joints between the cable and throttle bodies the cable is able to directly control the opening of the throttles. This results in an improvement in the throttle feel and allow for the most precise control possible – better than when these where released from new!

– Appearance: When one of these kits are fitted the original brackets and links are removed from the top of the throttles and the throttle cable is ran under and out of sight. With these changes the engine and the engine bay will look simpler and neater.

– Construction: The throttle cable retainer brackets are made from 2.5mm thick stainless plate. The throttle end links are plated steel. These materials where chosen to be completely rigid and have a near indefinate working life.

Throttle body and intake manifold compatibility

– Throttle spacing: The supplied brackets with the kits suit different ranges of spacing from the centre to centre between throttles from the original 20V (87.5mm) right up to 93mm.

– 3sge Beams: Compatible with our 3sge Beams adapter (pictured).

– Throttles: Suit all three of the 20V 4age throttle types.

– Throttle cable type: Due to being able to be routed around or under the brake master cylinder the throttle cable used can vary a great deal in it’s length. When fitted to an AE71 or AE86 model Corolla / Sprinter even the very long KE70 cable can be used, the original type as used with a 4age 16V engine in a RHD AE86 is not likely to fit.

Airbox and intake platecompatibility

These linkage kits are compatible with a wide range of intake plates / airbox options. They may however not clear an airbox that curves inwards. For example these are incompatible with either of the factory fitted 20V airboxes and the aftermarket option from Mekaru.

Type 1: Down-pull kit

Suits throttles that are mounted up