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Workshop Manuals, General Information & Wiring Diagrams

There is a lot of information available across the internet but it can be hard to track down if available at all. What we have done is collect what we can and put it all in one place on here for the convenience of anyone who needs it.

This page contains information and pictures collected from multiple sources, we have given credit where possible, however in all but a small part of the content here it is unknown who the original up loaders/translators/authors where. So while we don’t know who any of you are we thank you. If anyone has their something of theirs hosted here and does not wish it to be then please contact us and we will gladly remove it.

NOTE: While the workshop manuals are a sure bet we otherwise can’t vouch for the accuracy of the information on this page, it’s up to the individual to check and confirm anything shared here.


SXE10 GEN 5 3SGE Beams

– Extended 3SGE BEAMS Japanese Workshop Manual. This workshop manual is the official full length edition with all of the technical information as used by Toyota dealerships. While in Japanese the diagrams are self explanatory and easy to follow. To produce this the original hard copy book was sourced and imported from Japan by us and then carefully scanned and edited to have a very high quality.

[EM] Engine mechanical: Full maintenance, disassembly, diagnosis, repair and assembly of the engine.

[CU] Cooling: Engine Cooling / Water pump [To be added]

[LU] Lubrication: – Engine lubrication / Oil pump [Not yet complete]


Basic Beams Workshop Manual – Click to download
A short workshop manual in english that only covers some of the mechanical work. It is in a low quality. Courtesy of JPNZ International.


Wiring Diagram, Sensor Location & Diagnosis – Click to download
Official wiring diagram for a 3SGE Beams.


ECU Pinouts – Click to download
The ECU pinouts for the 3SGE Beams ECU.


SW20 & ST202 3SGE Gen 3

Workshop Manual – Click to download
Official workshop manual 3SGE Gen 3 from Toyota.


ST185 3SGTE, 3SGE & 5SFE GEN 2

Workshop Manual – Click to download
Official workshop manual 3SGE / 3SGTE / 5SFE.


4AGE / 4AGZE – All Makes

Alternator Plug Connection – Click to download
Identification of the pins on both types of 4AG alternator sockets / plugs. These are also shared with many other common Denso alternators used on various Toyota engines.


AE86 / AE82 16V 4AGE Bluetop Bigport

– 4AGE 16V 1989 (Smallport) / 4AFE – Engine Repair Manual – Click to download


20V 4AGE Wiring

-20V 4age Silvertop Harness with Blacktop ECU – Click to download
How to convert the wiring harness from a 20V Silvertop to be compatible with that of a Blacktop ECU. This conversion allows for use of a Blacktop MAP sensor in the place of the Silvertop air-flow meter and hence the ability to run an open air intake. Other advantages include raising the rev limit as well as others. This article was originally featured in the Jan 2012 issue of 86Garage magazine and is courtesy of J.Velasco.


-20V 4age Silvertop Wiring Diagram – Click to download
Official wiring diagram for a Silvertop sourced from Toyota and translated by an unknown individual.


-20V 4age Silvertop ECU Pinouts – Click to download

The ECU pinouts for the 20V 4age Silvertop ECU. This information is courtesy of Phil Bradshaw.


-20V 4age wiring diagrams – Page 1, Page 2

These two pages are reported to be for the 20V Blacktop engine but have not been confirmed.


-20V 4age Blacktop ECU Pin Diagram (Unverified)- Click to download

An unverified diagram that shows the connections for all the pins on a Blacktop ECU.


AE111 20V 4AGE Blacktop engine

Workshop Manual
Official workshop manual for a AE111 20V Blacktop 4A-GE.

Preparation and tools – Click to download
Service Specifications – Click to download
Charging System – Click to download
Engine Mechanical – Click to download
Ignition – Click to download
Lubrication – Click to download
Cooling System – Click to download
Fuel Injection – Click to download
Starting System – Click to download


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