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Many years prior to the launch of this business things began with a highly modified AE86 Sprinter. At the time compatible upgrade parts where much more scarce and to a lower standard than today, and so quite often many where custom made instead. Many photos of the work being done where posted on an internet worklog.

Despite being just a personal build other individuals began to notice and from this requests where made to be able to buy what they saw. Thus began the first of parts being produced and offered for sale. As time progressed both the workshop equipment and resources available also did so. Starting from hand machined parts it has now advanced to almost all parts being produced via CNC machining.


The methods and quality may of progressed considerably but the original driving force never changed. It started and still is all about the passion in using genuine innovation to produce parts with the best possible function while still being quite affordable. It’s common for a company to make their own version of a product offered elsewhere but it’s not our approach. The custom parts offered from us are either completely new to the market or designed from the bottom up to be more functional than anything else out there. We don’t think it’s right for a company to just copy and then profit off the innovation of others.

The policy of honest and in-depth information has also remained. Parts pages have extensive descriptions and where relevant any reasonable downside is described. Customers should not have to ever discover any unpleasant surprises or have to modify their brand new parts to make them work! In a similar vain many businesses offer parts that are purely looks but not advertised as so, we refuse to do the same – if it doesn’t work you won’t see it for sale.

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