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These collection of articles are all written in house unless otherwise noted. They have been written to be the most unbiased and accurate as possible. Mistakes and mis-information are inevitable so if anything incorrect is found then please send a message. Contributions are welcome as are suggestions for further articles. Click on the contact tab to do so. Click on each icon to read the individual articles.

Note: Many articles are still being written/edited/uploaded. It takes an obscene amount of work to put together a site like this one so it will take time.

Workshop Manuals, General Information & Wiring Diagrams

There is a lot of information available across the internet but it can be hard to track down if available…

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Throttle Linkage Install Guide – Reverse Downpull

This Reverse-Down-pull kit alters the throttle cable position on 4age 20V throttles to the bottom side facing up when the…

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Throttle Linkage Install Guide – Downpull

This down-pull kit alters the throttle cable position on 4age 20V throttles to the bottom side facing up when the…

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3SGE Beams conversion guide

An increasingly common conversion is to fit a 3SGE Beams engine into a Corolla or Sprinter. While they do take…

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20v 4age- Intake Adapter To Suit Nissan GTIR Plenum Chamber-47

20V 4AGE Engines and Aftermarket ECU’s

Covering some of the common and smaller pieces of information covering the interfacing of aftermarket ECU's to 20V 4AGE engines.…

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Installing a Hyundai radiator into an AE86

With many original sprinter radiators reaching their limit in age and cooling capacity owners often are in the need for…

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16v 4agze- Piston Set 81.5mm (+0.5) With Rings.-902

Calculating Compression Ratios

Many changes to the components or state of some parts in an engine will affect the static compression ratio. This…

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20V 4age- TRD Head Gasket - 0.8mm-0

4AGE Compression Ratio Chart

This chart shows the theoretical resultant static compression ratios before and after certain modifications. As there are discrepancies in the…

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Interchangeable Wheel Studs

The standard wheel stud on a AE86/AE71/KE 70 is a 12mm with a 1.5mm thread pitch. If longer wheel studs…

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Multi-link Rear Suspension Tuning

Despite the visual simplicity of a solid rear axle there is a huge amount of scope and potential gains in…

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Difference between Silver and Blacktop 20V 4AGE Engines

This is a guide for making a educated comparison between the two 20V engines with a description of the difference…

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Toyota A series Flywheels

This is a listing of which flywheels where originally matched to the A series of engines. NOTE: Note all flywheels…

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Working with the VVT on a 4AGE 20V Engine

When Toyota went to the 20 valve engine from the 16V it introduced the first form of Variable valve timing…

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1nzfe / 2nzfe – Ignition Coilpack (single)-0

Coilpack Information Guide

Working with coilpacks This article is about use of coilpacks also known as COP's (Coil on Plug) which are common…

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Throttle Linkage Kits To Suit 4age 20V Throttles-714

Intake Tuning Guide for Multiple Throttles

For people with multiple throttles the intake system length is somewhat easily changed in length via the trumpets/air-box, this opens…

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20v 4age- Intake Adapter To A Pipercross Combined Filter-192

20V RWD Conversion Parts List

Many times we have been asked "do you guys sell a complete conversion kit to make a 20V into rear…

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20v 4age- Distributor Cap Relocation Kit-749

Converting a 4AGE 20V to Rear Wheel Drive

20 Valve engine is increasing in popularity as the choice of engine in rear wheel drive conversions in cars such…

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Spigot Bearings

All about the use and service of a spigot bearing in a Toyota A series engine. Purpose A spigot bearing…

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4age Oil Pressure kit install guide

This guide below is for those whole wish to install the 4a / 7a oil pressure kit, this suits all…

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4age 20V Cooling kit – version 3 install guide

This guide below is for those whole wish to install a type-3 cooling kit for a 4age 20V. Some photos…

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4age To Supra W5x Gearbox Adapter

4A to W5x conversion kit install guide

Flywheel options – All of the original 16 and 20V 4age flywheels can be used with this adapter. The 4agze…

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Compatible Honda starter motors

To use our T50 starter motor adapter the customers will need to source a compatible starter motor. These and the…

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Relay Upgrade for a Starter Motor

If your car has a good battery but still makes a clicking sound instead of starting then chances are you…

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J160 Gearbox- Gear Shifter Relocation Kit-687

J160 Shifter Relocation Guide

Disassembly - part 1 - shifter housing and gearstick assembly - Lift the rubber boot up that's located in the…

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3sge / 3sgte / Beams- Slimline Alternator Kit-685

3S Slimline Alternator Kit Install Guide

Parts disassembly Other than the wiring connections None of the parts removed are required for the installation of the new…

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AE86 / AE71 / KE70- Engine Crossmember Spacers-0

AE Crossmember Spacer Installation guide

These spacers are designed to fit between the engine crossmember and the bottom of the sub-frame on each side. The…

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Gearbox Adapter Kit: 4AGE / 7A To J160-S (3sge Beams) -828

J160 conversion and modification guide

The Toyota J160 / Aisin AZ6 gearboxes are lightweight but yet are still quite strong and shift very well. Covered…

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Gearbox Adapter Kit: 4AGE / 7A To J160-G (1GFE) -861

J160 gearbox conversion guide

Using various components supplied from our business it's quite straightforward to convert a vehicle with a 4age / 7A engine…

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Gearbox Adapter Kit: 4AGE / 7A To J160-S (3sge Beams) -829

4AGE to J160-S (3S Beams) installation guide

This kit allows a J160 gearbox to be installed onto a Toyota A-series engine. When using our kit, the gearbox…

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R31 Diff into AE86 Conversion

A fairly common upgrade for RWD Toyota owners is to fit the differential from an R31 Skyline. Below are some…

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