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Toyota A series Flywheels

This is a listing of which flywheels where originally matched to the A series of engines.

Note all flywheels of a similar hole count are interchangeable with each other if they physically fit within the bellhousing. Obviously an 8 bolt flywheel cant be fitted to a 6 bolt crank and vice versa.

EngineBolt HolesFriction diameter (mm)Weight (kg)
Thanks to Benny/ Moppitt (Toymods) for this info
4AGE big-port8200
4AGE small-port8212
4AGZE big-port8225 or 230
4AGZE small-port8225 or 230
4AGE 20V Silver82126.9kg
Thanks to Mr Accoustic for this info
4AGE 20V Black82125.9kg
Thanks to Mr Accoustic for this info
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