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16v 4age / 4agze Oil pump upgrade with custom options


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16v 4age / 4agze oil pump upgrade

New and genuine Aisin oil pump intended for a 16V 4age. Sold as is or with the additional options. All of these include the gaskets for the oil pickup, pump to engine block as well as the front main seal. As described in the sections below the square teeth 16V oil pumps should never be used in performance applications or even reused on any engine that’s being taken apart.


There are some non genuine pumps advertised on Ebay as “high flow”, these actually have narrower gears than the original and hence flow less. There is also the question of their quality.

Gear failure of the original pump gears

The earlier oil pumps used on 16V engines had a gear shape in the picture below.

The main problem lies in the tooth design with the trapezoidal shape teeth. These hard edges as shown with the red arrows act as a stress raiser which focuses the destructive force. It’s this design that causes these pumps to break their gears and destroy the engines behind them in the process. Even on unmodifed engines it wouldn’t be unusual to find cracks in all of the gear corners.

Oil flow limits of the original pump

These same failure prone oil pump gears are also less than 8mm thick, this limits their net oil flow.

The upgrade

Intended for the later model 4AGE engines these are new and genuine Aisin pumps. The gears are not only wider which allow for 20% more oil flow but they also have a wave type shape that is quite resistant to fatigue induced breakage.

Custom options

– Ported: The oil pump is taken apart, the harsh steps carefully taken down into radius corners, cleaned, gears pre-packed with grease to prime on first start and then reassembled with high tensile internal hex bolts instead of the original problematic JIC (looks like Philips) head type.

– Pressure up kit: A simple kit to raised the pressure of the pump. Suggested for anyone holding the engine in the upper end of the rev range, run an engine cooler or revving the engine higher than original. Pre-fitted for free to a pump when purchased at the same time.

-TODA upgrade gear set: For when things get serious this gear set is a must. As a rough guide this is for engines that reach 9000 revs and beyond. At this point the original sintered metal gears are prone to snap and the TODA replacement made from Cro-Mo steel keeps on going. Pre-fitted for free to a pump when purchased at the same time.

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