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Gearbox adapter kit: 4age to W5x


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4age / T50 bell to W5x gearbox adapter kit

When the T50 gearbox behind your 7a / 4age just isn’t enough it’s time to fit something stronger. This adapter kit is a simple and cost effective way to bolt up one of the sturdy “Supra” type gearboxes. Using the original bellhousing & sandwich plate from the T50 gearbox it allows it to be fitted up to the W55, W56, W57, W58 and W59 model gearbox housings.


Features and advantages

These adapter kits have been designed from the ground up to be unlike all others. The key features are below.

– Won’t load up and destroy your clutch and gearbox: In a rather ironic and unpleasant twist every other adapter plate on the market that has been seen by us is prone to cause gearbox bearing failure, main shaft breakage and excessive clutch wear. This is due to there being no definite alignment between the adapter plate and the back of the bellhousing. It’s not possible to fix this problem with a different adapter plate design alone, so we did something else- provide an additional part that guarantees that the gearbox is located dead true every time.

– Clutch spline engagement: Many kits have the clutch spline run partially off the end of the input shaft, even without a failure it will still result in additional clutch disk wear due to increased movement. To address this our adapter plates where made to be as thin as possible and as a result an off the shelf clutch disk will have near complete spline engagement.

– Gearbox angle: Using this adapter kit we guarantee that the gearbox will not be tilted at all when fitted behind a 4age engine. The original factory tilt of the 4age has accurately been compensated for so the gearbox runs how it should and without a gearstick that ends up leaning to one side.

– Fasteners supplied: With each kit are all the fasteners for the bellhousing, gearbox and the adapter kit parts.

– Real information and support: People should not have to do their own research after buying an adapter to fit it into place. For the greatest simplicity each kit will be provided with extensive and easy to follow information. In these will be things such as a step by step install guide, various photos / diagrams and compatible clutch types with part numbers.


Parts options

As per all adapter plates the thrust bearing carrier for the clutch needs to be extended. We have given customers the choice of how they wish to go about this as seen below

Billet thrust carrier: When selected this option is for a custom billet machined thrust bearing carrier to be provided. These are black plated and feature an integral grease trap that is in a location ideally suited with the use of this kit. This option is highly suggested for all choosing to do this conversion.

Weld on sleeve: Using this option a single custom sleeve is supplied. The buyer would be required to accurately weld this on to the end of their existing W5x series gearbox (not the T50 one) thrust carrier.



4A to W5x Installation guide


Parts supplied

– Main adapter plate

– Fasteners

– Concentric locator

Not supplied is the thrust bearing to suit the custom carrier, this is available through our store. This is the same model as what is originally used on both the T50 and W5x series gearboxes. When ordered together with the kit it will be pre-installed on to the carrier for the customers convenience.


Additional information

– This kit requires the use of an OEM bellhousing and sandwich plate as originally fitted to a 4Ac / 4age engine. The bellhousing requires a quick and simple modification to be made to it, for further information please see the install guide.


Compatible parts

W5x / T50 Clutch thrust bearing

T50 Clutch fork

Clutch fork to carrier clips


Additional information

Weight1.95 kg
Dimensions20 × 45 × 4 cm
Parts options



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