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20v 4age – Individual coil adapter plate


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20v 4age – Individual coil adapter plate

Get the original instead of the imitations!

Adapter to hold individual coils (coilpacks / CoPs) to a 20V 4age engine. Converting to individual coils results in a neat, minimalistic, reliable ignition system that gives a very strong spark.

Used in conjunction with the distributor blanking cover (see related products) only the base of the distributor remains.

Advantages and suggested use

Physical constraints: This conversion is highly suggested for those with North-South rear wheel drive converted engines as the space saved off the distributor means it’s physically compact enough to fit into near all engine bays without firewall or even heater hose modification/removal.

Spark strength: On turbo and Supercharged engines a strong spark is critical and any compromise results in power loss and miss-fires. Closing the spark plug gap is an unnecessary compromise in power production. These type of coils are known to have a good spark even with 30PSI of boost!

Maintenance: In the original use the distributor cap and rotor buttons deteriorate with every use until they need their replacement. The ignition leads last long but still need to be replaced at intervals. Once individual coils are installed the only serviceable parts remain are the spark plugs them self. In the long term this alone may completely offset the initial conversion price.

Compatible with

This adapter bolts to the cam cover without any modifications and is directly compatible with both the coilpacks off the 1ZZ-FE and the NZ coils off both the 1NZ-FE and 2NZ-FE. Both coil types work equally well so the choice of which type in packaging and personal preference of appearance.


It’s highly suggested against using any coils bar those that are known to be genuine Toyota / Denso. Chinese ignition coils last approximately one month before complete failure. There are even some non-genuine coils for sale look like the real thing and even have the same Denso identification.

Install notes

While the plate is a bolt on job the individual coils from Toyota engines need to be lightly shaved down approximately 0.5mm from the diameter. This can be easily done with a light sanding wheel, a linisher or even a file. All of the coils have an isolated metal sheild under the plastic covering of the tube so there is no practical risk of coil damage by cutting too deep.

Additional information

Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions38 × 6.5 × 2 cm
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