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4AGE & T50 – Starter motor upgrade adapter


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4AGE & T50 – Starter motor upgrade adapter

Starter motor upgrade adapter to suit T50 gearboxes and our 4A transmission adapters (see notes).



There are many starter motors available that will physically fit on to a T50 gearbox when combined with a engine such as a 4age. Unfortunately almost all of them either have a low torque output or physically protrude outwards towards or completely in the way of the exhaust system.


With all those factors considered we wanted to offer something that was an improvement on every other genuine option out there. To find a solution it required some unconventional thinking, the result is in the form of a easy to use adapter that allows a cheap, common and very powerful starter sourced from a Honda to bolt right up to a Toyota T50 gearbox.



When this type of Honda starter motor is used with our adapter it has some significant advantages.

– High torque: The compatible starter motor is a gear reduction unit with a powerful 1.2kw motor. This gives it more torque than any OEM option and it’s enough to turn over very high compression engines.

– Clearance: The adapter holds the main body of the starter very close to the engine block, the main motor ends up near level with the edge of the bellhousing. This leaves the maximum amount of room for the exhaust system and keeps the starter motor as cool as possible.

– Weight: Even with the adapter fitted to the starter the combined weight is still on par with the lightest Toyota option.


Supplied parts

This part sale is for the adapter plate and fasteners only. A compatible starter motor is not provided.


Compatible starter motor types

To successfully identify and source the correct type of starter motor to use with our adapter:



Additional information

– LHD COMPATIBILITY: This is unlikely to physically clear the power steering rack of an LHD AE86. When used in a Left hand drive car with a manual steering rack a very small amount of material may need to be removed from the top edge of one of the mounting bolts for clearance.

– Engine blocks: Will suit all types of A-series engines however when using a 7AFE there is a single unused mounting boss on the side near the back that needs to be shortened with something such as a hand grinder.

– Gearbox adapters: This adapter will bolt up to all of our 4A / 7A transmission adapters but some material needs to be removed from the bellhousing when using either of the J160 adapters. In addition when using our 4A / 7A to J160-S gearbox adapter this starter adapter can only be fitted to the exhaust side of the engine.

– For those with a car that’s over 15 years old it’s suggested to do this upgrade in addition to this upgrade or even with the original starter motor. If you just hear a click noise when trying to start your car then this will almost certainly fix the issue.

Additional information

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