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Compatible Honda starter motors

To use our T50 starter motor adapter the customers will need to source a compatible starter motor. These and the wrong type are shown below. It is up to the buyers to correctly identify which is the correct model.

Compatible models

So far we have found the following cars / engines to have the correct type of start motor. This list will be updated as more information is found.


Fitted to the following engine types:

– F22A

– F22B

– F23A

All of these above are with the automatic transmission only, the type as fitted to the manual gearboxes is not compatible. These where commonly fitted to Honda Accord’s.

Parts numbers may vary but here are some examples of the type that is compatible, but visually check before buying:

– Honda / Mitsuba SM42228

– Honda / Mitsuba SM44204

– Honda / Mitsuba SM-402-03

NOTE: There is a “44202” on the casting of our pictured starter this is sometimes also a “302”.


Aftermarket replacement options

– Bosch BXM999N

– Cooldrive: 70-2834 (1.4kw)

– JAS Oceania: SNJ135 (1.6kw)

– Jaylec 70-2834


Picture examples

Before buying a starter motor visually check to see if it looks like the same to what is pictured. Apart from the basic design take note of the position of the motor and solenoid relative to the mounting tabs. There is one model that is a mirror image of this model which will not fit correctly.

NOTE: There is a “44202” on the casting of our pictured starter this is sometimes also a “302”.


Models that are not compatible

– Starters from H series engines such as the H23A WILL NOT WORK.

– Those which are originally fitted to a manual gearbox WILL NOT WORK.

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