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T50 gearbox – Speedo drive assembly

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T50 gearbox – Speedo drive assembly

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T50 gearbox- Speedo drive assembly

A new Speedo drive housing and gear assembly to suit most models of T50 gearboxes. Please see the parts compatibility before purchase.


Parts supplied

– Speedo drive housing: Pre-fitted with a 19T gear / shaft combination.

– Retainer tab

– Retainer bolt


Part specifications

– Housing outer diameter: 22mm

– Drive teeth: Fitted with a 19-tooth gear – this is the only type that is still available with the other variants discontinued by Toyota.



– This drive unit housing is compatible with the T50 model gearboxes fitted with a 5-tooth internal drive gear, which is the less common than the 6-tooth option. These were used on vehicles that originally had a final drive / diff ratio of 4.3:1. IT WILL NOT SUIT the 6-tooth internal drive gear. It is suggested to shine a light into the gearbox through the speedo drive hole and carefully count the amount of teeth your internal gear has.

– Physical gear compatibility aside there is the matter of if the speedometer is showing the correct reading. With all other gear options discontinued the only way to adjust the drive reading to be correct if necessary is via an external speedo shaft correction box. All of Toyota RWD speedo’s have the same mechanical output, as such finding such a device is very easy, for example doing a search for a “Supra speedo correction box” which despite being intended for a completely different model of gearbox is still completely compatible, only the ratio of correction matters.



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