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8/16/20v 4age/fe- Oil-filter spacer elimination union


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Oil filter union

20V 4age engines originally are fitted with a bulky housing between the engine block and the filter itself. Aside from shifting the filter further outwards these housings are hollow and perform no other function. It can only be presumed that this is to raise the filter purely for better access. However in a rear wheel drive install or without a power steering pump in the way there is no need for such a thing.

Using this adapter the original housing can be completely removed and the oil filter fitted directly against the block itself. In addition to a neater look with easier access it also means that the filter is subjected to less heat from the exhaust system.

They can also be used to remove any oil cooler or inline sandwich plates from between the oil filter and the engine block.

Installation guide

To install this part unbolt and remove the original housing along with all of it’s fasteners, none of these parts are required to be re-used. To help fit these unions in place they feature a 12mm internal hex profile. They are wound into a block until bottomed out.

These do not require to be tightly wound into place. As such they can be either hand tightened or if desired tightened further with tools. If so then there are a few easy options.

– 12mm Allen key

– A bolt with a 12mm head (M8) held upside down with the head used to fit the hex socket and wound in.

– A protective rag wrapped around the union and then the outside grabbed with multi-grips to turn.

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